TV interviews, podcast interviews, and articles about the books on teaching

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I did an eight minute interview March 14 with Neal Charnoff on Vermont Public Radio about new teachers, unions, testing, and the Common Core:


For a three minute TV interview with the author about his two books on teaching go to


For a 15 minute interview with the author on Vermont’s leading television station, go to

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The interviewer, Judy Simpson, turned out to have attended Masconomet Regional High School, along with her sister Laurie, while the author was teaching there.  Although the author knew them both, he never had them in class.

The interview covers topics including schools and public relations, advice to new teachers, classroom discipline, teacher training, economic inequalities between schools, and the failure of the author’s Vermont hometown to pass a school budget- in five tries!


I did a wonderful  25 minute podcast interview with Dr. Rod Berger at

We talked about new teachers, tenure, unions, the Common Core, public relations, and the Walden School budget, which passed on December 17- on the sixth try.

Professor Christopher Lubienski of the University of Illinois called it “a remarkably thoughtful discussion.”


Available on Amazon at


There is a nice column by Judy McKee in NSTA Reports that describes how writing became a focus for me in retirement. The column is at

Because of the way the document loads, I couldn’t put a copy of the column here.  Also note that the page numbers in the Adobe Acrobat document don’t correspond with the page numbers indicated on the index of the first page of the document.  The column is near the end of the issue of NSTA Reports.  If you wait for the whole Adobe document to load, then go to the end of it and work backwards,you’ll be at the column fairly quickly.


Great 10 minute interview for beginning teachers on the Vicki Davis show (BAM network) at



Notes cover

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